Mobile World Congress 2014 – InnoQuant presents the pre-lunch of MOCA platform for Proximity Marketing. Barcelona 24th – 27th February 2014. Hall 8.1, Stand 8.1K66

Day by day, data is generating through our mobile devices. Each interaction reflects our behavior, our tastes and who we are. We are part of a great-connected world, which generates large amounts of data minute by minute. And it is there, in that data, where you can find the key to connect with customers and users. A key that is crafted and perfected using Big Data techniques. You will find the essence in real time. To understand your users is crucial, for you and for them. Communicate with your users, at the right time, at the right place. Give them information they need and they will want to remain a part of what you have build. You already known who they are, so keep gaining their confidence. Install iBeacons for indoor location and deliver unique experiences that users will want to have again and again. Proximity experiences.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the future of mobile marketing involves using the real-world context in which consumers want to experience personalized marketing. Aware of this, we have created MOCA, mobile marketing solution in real time, committed to this future. MOCA is a back-end platform for mobile applications that allows application developers and brands to create experiences for their customers using iBeacons.

MOCA was designed to obtain more precise information about how users interact and engage with their brands through mobile apps. MOCA speeds up the creation, management and analysis of personalized marketing campaigns. Based on Big Data Analytics technology, our product allows your brand to take your mobile marketing to the next level via push messaging and wherein the real time and personalization are the key elements.

Now you can deliver to your users something that goes beyond. Be part of the brands that understand, respect and value their customers. Deliver proximity experiences. Use MOCA.

M. Fernanda

February 21, 2014

[Video] Testing MOCA platform with different brand beacons.

We’ve created a video testing different experiences that can be created through InnoQuant MOCA proximity platform, and different brand beacons. Enjoy the video!:

Iván González

January 27, 2014

Discovering Estimote Beacons

Beacon device from Estimote

Beacon device from Estimote

This week we have started experimenting with the Estimote Developer Preview kit. The kit contains 3 small, beautifully designed Beacon devices that advertise data signal over Bluetooth LE. Most interestingly the devices are compatible with Apple iBeacons, the new micro-location and proximity feature introduced in iOS7.

Estimote Beacon Hardware

On the inside, the first generation of this beacon hardware is based on a 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU. This chip was unveiled by its manufacturer earlier in 2013. It is a small, 56-instruction, low-power chip designed to integrate everyday devices into Internet of ThingsOne of the key features is that the chip consumes virtually no power when turned on while not actually doing any work. According to ARM, the processor consumes just nine microamps per megahertz, an impressively low amount, providing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-connected devices with years of battery life.

As far as we could find out, Estimote hardware uses Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 system-on-a-chip (SoC). This chip integrates Cortex-M0 CPU, Bluetooth® Low Energy bi-directional radio, 256kB flash and 16kB RAM. This complete stack means the device can communicate over BLE and be re-configured over the air.

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Oleg Morajko

December 16, 2013

iBeacons: Micro-location and the Internet of Things

Today, at 2:30 p.m. we received our first iBeacon devices!
iBeacon is an indoor positioning system that Apple calls “a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS 7 devices of their presence“. iBeacons can also be used by the Android operating system. iBeacon in a single sentence is a next-generation near-proximity technology that is already compatible with existing mobile devices and that goes beyond NFC.
With iBeacons your mobile app can interact with real-world.
We are one of the first companies in the world that  can enjoy them. Inside the good-looking box, a hand-written letter greets us, Jakub Krzych, CEO of Estimote, the company we bought the devices from.
 “Hi InnoQuant Strategic Analytics. Congratulations. You are one of the first in the world to experience the future of contextual computing … “la foto
It is wonderful! The world of Internet of Things is here and right now we are experimenting, playing and brainstorming how they can be useful in real life. Imagine the applications you can create using iBeacons:
  • Micro-location of people in local retail stores. “Where Google Maps does not reach, the iBeacon does”. Apple is already rolling out their own devices into Apple Stores this week.
  • Personalized product information and ads delivered to short-range regions into supermarkets and other stores.
  • Contextual information to people in closed environments. For example, a school, a museum, a company building.
  • Proximity Games. Find or store information according to certain micro-location coordinates.
  • Health information delivered to patients and visitors in waiting rooms of hospitals or medical centers. This is a new communication channel based on real-time micro-location.
  • Locate older people or people with difficulties in their own homes.
  • Marketing – smart advertising based on proximity on street billboards, bus stops, outdoor ads, etc.
  • Location of goods in containers, trucks and transportation.

Now our team is working on micro-location features inside our MOCA platform. The features with wide range of applications. Who is in?

M. Fernanda

December 9, 2013