Big data and proximity marketing

With the arrival of new networks and technologies, we have improved the blogRichardcapacity to generate, process and store data in many different fields. Big data aims to analyze a huge volume of data, separating relevant information from irrelevant information, finding new relations and patterns hitherto hidden. This analysis allows us to better know the phenomena related to a specific kind of data, and then, we can make better decisions for improvements. Innoquant believes in the huge potential of big data and we help our clients to take the next step.

One application field of big data is “proximity marketing” which aims to explore every way of communication between advertisers and customers in a specific place-time, in order to maximize the possibilities of sales and profits.

In a “connected world” where cell phones are almost a body extension, the possibilities of getting data from these devices are almost infinite. As there are more cell phones than people, it makes sense to employ a big solution to analyze and process all this data and the most obvious solution is big data. In that way, MOCA Platform offers a good solution using the entire scope of big data technology in the proximity marketing field.

An example of the reach of big data combined with proximity marketing would be in a retail store. By placing beacons communicating with people´s cell phones in strategic points in the store, the retailer knows, even in real time, the location of the most visited places in the store and how much time people spend in each of these places. Joining that information with the sales information we can estimate the impact of visual merchandising on the decisions the customers make. Also, by knowing the current position of customers, we can send suitable offers and promotions.

There is no doubt, big data and the proximity marketing will be used together in the future.

Elizabeth Goicochea

May 9, 2014

Mobile World Congress 2014 – InnoQuant presents the pre-lunch of MOCA platform for Proximity Marketing. Barcelona 24th – 27th February 2014. Hall 8.1, Stand 8.1K66

Day by day, data is generating through our mobile devices. Each interaction reflects our behavior, our tastes and who we are. We are part of a great-connected world, which generates large amounts of data minute by minute. And it is there, in that data, where you can find the key to connect with customers and users. A key that is crafted and perfected using Big Data techniques. You will find the essence in real time. To understand your users is crucial, for you and for them. Communicate with your users, at the right time, at the right place. Give them information they need and they will want to remain a part of what you have build. You already known who they are, so keep gaining their confidence. Install iBeacons for indoor location and deliver unique experiences that users will want to have again and again. Proximity experiences.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the future of mobile marketing involves using the real-world context in which consumers want to experience personalized marketing. Aware of this, we have created MOCA, mobile marketing solution in real time, committed to this future. MOCA is a back-end platform for mobile applications that allows application developers and brands to create experiences for their customers using iBeacons.

MOCA was designed to obtain more precise information about how users interact and engage with their brands through mobile apps. MOCA speeds up the creation, management and analysis of personalized marketing campaigns. Based on Big Data Analytics technology, our product allows your brand to take your mobile marketing to the next level via push messaging and wherein the real time and personalization are the key elements.

Now you can deliver to your users something that goes beyond. Be part of the brands that understand, respect and value their customers. Deliver proximity experiences. Use MOCA.

M. Fernanda

February 21, 2014